Good ole garlic!

In our home we have used garlic to get rid of Strep Throat, Colds, Flus, Yeast Infections and Aching Teeth, where infection is present.

Garlic is our most frequently used herb.

We have found two easy ways to use garlic. First, cheapest and most widely available is fresh garlic. Chop a clove up into small pieces, take off a spoon or your hand, and swallow down with a glass of water. Don’t chew the garlic or you will stink!

I’ve tested this on my kids and they barely smell with a whole clove. But…it works wonders! They sometimes never get sick, and if the pathogen does take hold, their illness is short and they suffer less discomfort. When they were really little, and found it hard to swallow a spoonful of garlic pieces, I would stuff them into tiny gel capsules that I purchased at my local pharmacy. This seemed to work because the gel caps were small and slippery and my children were able to swallow them with less trouble.

If this doesn’t work, then just add fresh, chopped garlic underneath cheese on garlic bread, or chopped really fine and added to soup at the last minute, or stuffed into a sandwich…you get the idea! You can use garlic powder if you have to.

The trick is to take the garlic as soon as you are aware there is a pathogen in your body! That way, the bug has less chance of multiplying before it is killed. If we wait 24 hours before taking garlic after starting to get sick, the bug has just had all 24 hours to make millions of baby pathogens! And…they are really fast at reproducing! That’s why we kill them with garlic before they get hold and proliferate.

For acute infections, like when Anna had very bad Strep Throat, we use 1500 mg garlic pills. We find taking 3 or 4 pills on a regular regimen, every few hours as needed, will knock out any infection life throws at us, including yeast infections!

When Alix had her wisdom teeth extracted, she took garlic pills instead of antibiotics, and never had a problem!

This works, because garlic is antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and antiparasitic (vermicide). Basically it’s a really strong anti-pathogen! It kills simple organisms but feeds us!

If this information helps you, comment here on the blog and let us know!

© 2010 Lisa Robbins, BScHN, RHN, CTT

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