Several years ago, a good friend and nurse taught me this technique when I was complaining of a stuffed up nose. I was dealing with a cold for over a week, and my nose was so congested I could only breathe through my mouth.

When she suggested I snort saltwater I didn’t really believe it would work, but was so stuffed up I would try anything. She prepared a tiny bowl of warm water about 1/4 cup, and added a good pinch (that’s a PINCH not a teaspoon!) of unrefined sea salt (any salt will do). She stirred it around until all the salt dissolved.

Then she poured a tiny amount of the warm sea salt water into the cupped palm of my hand. She told me to hold one nostril tightly closed with my other hand and snort the salt water up into my open nostril. I was so congested I could hardly get the water up my nose, but it worked because I could taste the salt down into my throat. Then I performed the same procedure on my other nostril.

She instructed me to wait for a few minutes until I really felt like blowing my nose. After I blew my nose, she told me I must do it a second time to really release the congestion.

After the first time, it relieved some pressure, but the second time around was amazing. After snorting the salt water, and then waiting another 5 minutes or so, I had to blow my nose again, because it just started running.

Finally, relief! I could breathe again. Now my family uses this technique whenever we get congestion from a cold, which isn’t very often anymore because we use the Garlic Remedy for colds and rarely get them anymore.

Also eliminating or at least limiting dairy products can really help with respiratory congestion.


Please don’t use this method if you have a ‘dry’ cold as it may cause your nose to bleed.

Don’t use this on small children!!

If this remedy helped you, let us know on the blog here! Or, if you have your own version, post it in the comment section below!


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