The Cancer Journal Heal Yourself by Lisa Robbins Holistic Nutritionist

Well-written! Lisa tells it as it is! People need to know it’s the truth. While I am still on my healing journey and haven’t yet tried her tea, I will definitely keep it in mind as a future protocol. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of natural and/or non-toxic cancer treatments. Depending on the person, the type of cancer, and the stage, it’s by no means a simple “one step” treatment. You have to absorb yourself in treatment and get it from all angles. Lisa knows her stuff. I’ve done nothing but research for the last two years. She summarized the big natural cancer world beautifully. Now go see a professional and know that they will never tell you they can treat your cancer, because they would lose their license and end up charged and convicted. Just know, when you see one, they will know what you want. Trust them. And follow their advice to the letter. Have faith and know you will be fine. Congratulations Lisa! Your caring shines through every word!

She summarized the big natural cancer world beautifully.

By Amazon Customer Loretta Wilkins on October 24, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition

Loretta Wilkins

I’m reading The Cancer Journal Heal Yourself! It is sooo true and sooo wonderful. A must read for everyone. I just wish all the oncologists and doctors in the world were forced to read it!

Kristen Totten Barry

*****     Loved this book.

Amazon Customer

Verified Purchase

*****     Exactly as promised. Thanks.

Naomi B. Sinnreich

Verified Amazon Customer

Hi Lisa. Just wanted to update you on the spot of malignant melanoma on the back of my neck…Dr. Mok removed the area around where the biopsy was 2 weeks ago today…It had come back as “in situ” which means it was only in the spot it started and had not spread at all. I go back today to have the stitches removed. This is one of the most positive experiences I have had as the week leading up to having it removed and not knowing if it had spread at all or not…I made and drank your tonic tea mixture, did positive affirmations, bounced on my rebounder, had vitamins and shakes, had my crystals with me, so I know if anything else comes my way in the future, I know I can heal myself. Plus I am now going to be more sun conscious and make sure I apply sunscreen when out for any length of time in the beautiful sun 🙂 Thanks for meeting me that day and for writing your books…xo

Jackie Burfield

When I was reading this book, I couldn’t put it down. It was written very clearly and in language that I could understand. The true stories of individuals who had conquered cancer are amazing. I always had thought that there were natural ways to overcome this disease. I am happy to say that I was thrilled to see them in print.

The descriptions of the herbs and their healing abilities are very helpful and the recipes are very clear and concise and I will surely be trying some of them.

I have been hearing of these natural remedies for cancer and am pleased to have found this very helpful journal of not only cancer remedies but of natural way to keep our bodies in good health.

I highly recommend The Cancer Journal ~ Heal Yourself to anyone and everyone who is interested in becoming healthy and staying that way.

Gail Robins

Certified Aromatherapist, Reiki Master, Owner at The Robins' Nest Retreat, Norwood, Ontario

In this book I felt Lisa’s frustration with the helplessness for friends and family as she watched them unable to defeat Cancer with pharmaceuticals. Lisa used that frustration to fuel her mission by empowering the reader with the unconventional thought of healing oneself naturally with herbs and proper nutrition as a viable option.

Bravo Lisa!

Marjolaine Forest-Axford

Co-Producer, "Our Common Roots" - Unveiling Our Global Traditions of Healing With Plants, Our Common Roots

What a wonderful book. I wish that I had been able to access a copy of it a few years ago … it is very well written and explains so much for people who need information about cancer, and for people who know someone that has been diagnosed with cancer. I would strongly recommend this book as it is a valuable resource of information about cancer.

Pebbles Baverstock

Just a quick note to say hello and to let you know that my husband and I have recently been reviewing your book “The Cancer Journal Heal Yourself”, lent to us by a friend.  It is so interesting and informative it has been hard to put down. We believe and agree with what you have to say about natural healing and the taboos of chemo and radiation.  A dear friend of ours has just been diagnosed with lung, lymphatic and bone cancer.  He is only 52 years old and has never smoked in his life.  We are sickened by the news and are reviewing every piece of info we can get to help him to survive.  His first chemo treatment was yesterday and it sickens me to think what that is doing to his, formally, very healthy body.  Thank you for your insight, your honesty and your priceless information.  I will continue to research any other information you may have, but honestly, you have pretty much summed it up with the fact that the pharmaceutical drugs they push on us these days are money making, body damaging and disgusting, given the fact that the medical profession knows there are less extreme and very natural ways to heal and perhaps even reverse the effects of disease.  It is a shame that greed must overtake healthcare. What a society we live in!

Lori C.

Good Day Lisa, The book you authored, ‘The Cancer Journal’ is one sweet collection of words that needs a place on most every health troubled persons bookshelf. Might I add to this post, regards ‘Herxheimer’. In your book ‘The Cancer Journal’ page 127, you show ‘Our Incredible Bodies’. Doing my research toward a better understanding of my mind and body, was very much an eye opener.

Dean Somerville

Invaluable Resource!

In New Mexico recently, a man was diagnosed with liver cancer, and went to his local indigenous healer for a second opinion. Not surprisingly, the Curandera took one look at him and said that he did not have cancer at all, but tumors on his liver. She gave him the appropriate herbs, and within three months he had completely healed.

This story illustrates the miracle of plant-based remedies and the personal power we all have to reclaim the power to heal ourselves with natural, non-invasive methods. “The Cancer Journal: Heal Yourself!” is an excellent guide to the causes, politics and treatments (both allopathic and natural) of cancer, and charts a course through a holistic approach to empowerment and healing. After witnessing the tragic deaths of both her parents to cancer, Lisa Robbins has made it her life’s work to uncover the facts on cancer treatment and offers her conclusions and suggestions passionately in an illustrated, comprehensive and up-to-date format. She says that there is no “one cure” for cancer, and wisely states that “to heal yourself from anything, including cancer, just believe in your body’s ability to heal itself; then give it the peace, love, food, herbs, water, air, sunshine, rest and joy it needs to do so!”

Lisa describes the true stories of people who elect to try holistic treatments in their healing journey, and their successful recoveries give us much-needed inspiration and optimism. Included is an invaluable guide to healing herbs, the recipe for the herbal combination “Bitter Tonic Tea” with its powerful anti-cancer and anti-fungal properties, and the 10 Key Principles of Healing. Lisa’s enlightening book is a blessing in both reclaiming the truth about the cancer epidemic and giving us hope for alternative and powerful healing methods. As Lisa says, “becoming educated about cancer and the politics surrounding it has been the best thing I could ever have done to protect myself and my family.” With valuable information not found elsewhere, and appendices to herbs and their properties, essential recipes and essential resources – Highly Recommended.

Pegi is the Author of Ancient Spirit Rising: Reclaiming Your Roots & Restoring Earth Community

Pegi Eyers


I wish my father had this information 12 years ago. You’re gonna save a lot of lives Lisa!! Amazing book!

Tyler Davis

Hi Lisa, read your book yesterday and was amazed with the information. Will buy a copy for everyone in my family.  Like you, both my parents died of cancer, my Father had it twice in fact. Anyway, wanted you to know that I am blown away with what you have achieved and you should be proud, I know your parents would be.

Lynn Hill

President, MultiLink Business Management Solutions

I have read about many types of alternative and integrative treatments for cancer. I have read your book and absolutely love it. It is one of my favorites so far.

Iliana Dedona

Lisa Robbins has been a God send to our family. When we found out my Dad had prostate cancer I immediately asked around for someone who knew about how to possibly help this disease through non-traditional methods. Lisa helped explain everything in depth with wonderful knowledge, and professionalism. My Dad has seen a decrease in his PSA tests results. It has changed the color of his face has helped him feel healthier and he has been able to maintain his weight to where he feels comfortable.

If Lisa had not come along through a referral, we may have opted for other methods which would not have worked out as well for my dad who has never had to go to a Doctor in over 40 years! Her patience and care when explaining things to my parents gained their respect and my own, and her information has been a vital part of his care. I would and do highly recommend her to everyone who wants to explore the alternatives out there that work.

Darcelle Runciman

Author of The Power of Women United

Talk about a naysayer changing their viewpoint! The following is true. Too many close friends have died over the past few years from cancer complications after undergoing both chemotherapy and radiation treatments. I found Lisa while frantically searching for something, as I watched a brother-like friend die. I actually got the opportunity to meet her a few months later. The Cancer Journal certainly changed my skeptical view of natural healing. The more I read, the more interested I became! The fact that this information is out there and has been for over a quarter of a century is alarming and scary at the same time. I have made two decisions for myself:

  1. If I ever personally experience the “C” word, radiation and chemo are not options
  2. I will take things from the book that make sense to me and begin living healthier

I drank heavily for a number of years and quit that a while ago. So, my mindset was great for continuing to get healthy. I started with an adapted lemon cleanse every other day. I squeeze lemon juice into a cup, add a teaspoon of baking soda, fill it with tap water, and drink up. I eat the meat part of the lemon. On off lemon days, I make herbal tea consisting of burdock root, red clover, and pau darco. Any herbalist can assist you in the amount and preparation. Whenever the urge strikes, I use a teaspoon of cinnamon and a tablespoon of locally grown honey. Lastly, as I grill outside a good bit, I use turmeric to change the cancer-related carbons. I already take sensible doses of essential vitamins on a daily basis, but have added garlic pills to the mix. I drink water all of the time every day.

I work out for two full hours at least twice weekly, sometimes three:  weight machine, loose weights, treadmill, recumbent bike, yoga type exercises, stretching, speed bag, heavy bag, and reflex bag. I have not felt this good emotionally or physically in over 20 years. By the way, I am 58 years old.

Lisa’s book is good reading and is well-researched and well-written.  I applaud her tenacity. My only question to anyone reading the book or this review is, why not give this a look/try—what have you got to lose?

Rick Weber

Berkeley Springs, West Virginia

The Cancer Journal ~ Heal Yourself was written by Lisa Robbins over the course of 10 years, and absolutely is one of the greatest gifts we will ever know. Lisa documents losing both of her parents to the standard North American tortuous cancer treatments, and her ensuing journey to the discovery that cancer has already been beaten.

The CAnswer is in her must read book ~ in a story so compelling and simple that each and every one of us owes it to our ourselves, to our ancestors and to our children to read the book now.

Like many of us, I have lost family to cancer, but now know that this disease can be a part of our history, if we all would only act on what Lisa teaches us.

Learn the 10 key principles of healing, learn how to make anti-cancer teas, learn about tragedies that didn’t have to be. Get ready to cry and laugh and then to really live.

Thank you LISA ROBBINS aka The Good Witch!

Mary McGillis

Author, Hector and The Little People and Editor of The Cancer Journal Heal Yourself, Owner, Celtic Connection

*****     Beautifully put together information. Any person with serious health concerns needs a copy of this book. Looking into the bulk pricing in order to give a copy to family members.

The Talker

Verified Amazon Customer

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