Artery and Kidney Cleansing WatermelonHow can I quell the debilitating pain and symptoms of Fibromyalgia?


There is a definite process to follow in the development of Fibromyalgia. Using Symptomatology, we can analyze the problems and quickly identify a solution.

Irritable Bowel

Irritable bowel, colitis, Crohn’s disease, ileitis, ‘itis’ means inflammation, often from infection – These are all irritations just in different parts of your gut. So although they are separated into different diseases they often have similar causes and can respond to a natural, mostly raw and plant-based diet.

Toxins first enter your bowel, of course, by way of the food we take in, but also from the activity of pathogens inside your gut (meaning all of your digestive system). If you think in terms of what your body can use (healthy bacteria, vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, proteins), as opposed to what is waste or pathogen (unhealthy bacteria, viruses, parasites and toxins), the solution becomes clear.

Your gut is a busy place and has many important jobs to do, so mucking it up with toxins causes overload. If your gut can’t keep up with sorting the waste from the good stuff, the waste begins to build, the pathogens increase in number. They eat and excrete waste too – into your bowel. One of our most cancer causing substances is the waste from a fungus that lives on rotting grain and legumes, named aflatoxins.

Liver Gall Bladder Congestion

This overload directly extends to your liver and gall bladder where congestion can eventually become very, very serious, as in fatty liver, which can be fatal, and which I had, and completely relieved, by doing liver and gall bladder cleanses – personal experience here. If liver and gall bladder is involved, a person often develops an intolerance for fats, especially poor quality ones like shortening, hydrogenated fats and any heated or cooked fats, an aversion to eggs, pain under their right rib cage and in right shoulder area, irritability, insomnia, anger and depression. This is a very important component to consider because if there is gall bladder and liver congestion, not enough bile will be entering the digestive system. Bile is highly alkaline, hence the reason why we need bile to balance the pH of the chyme (stomach acid and food mixed together) entering the small intestine. Without enough bile getting through, acidy chyme flows through your digestive system burning all the way, up and down, hence acid reflux, ulcers, indigestion and ongoing damage to the delicate tissues of your gut, which can result in diagnosis of Irritable Bowel, Crohn’s disease, Ileitis, Acid Reflux and so on. To read more about liver and gall bladder involvement read ‘The Secrets To Gall Bladder and Liver Disease,’ at to liver and gall bladder disease.

Raising Pathogens and Nutrient Absorption Issues

One of the direct problems associated with this is, because the gut is congested, irritated, inflamed, sore, swollen and full of disease causing organisms, it cannot absorb much needed nutrients, vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and proteins that help your body to rebuild and heal itself. Instead the pathogens get to feed on all the good stuff there that we are unable to absorb!

Their favourite food is also our favourite food – sugar. They don’t care what form they get it in – glucose, sucrose, fructose, lactose from dairy, pasteurized honey, fruit, beer, wine, pastry, pasta, bread, corn, sticky buns …

Your nutrient absorbing intestines are full of little finger like projections to increase the absorbency rate – larger area – more absorption. These little tender fingers get all inflamed, sore, swollen just like an open sore on your skin – hence irritable bowel. Most people know their triggers, what makes them worse. Often its all the same sugars above, and add not being able to eat spicy or citrusy foods and of course over eating.

The lesson here is that we do NOT want any pathogen growing at its leisure, lazing around our gut, eating up our bodies, and raising humungous numbers of offspring, who grow up, leave the nest and set roots somewhere else!

Circulating Toxins and Kidneys

So the toxins are overloading your gut and liver, it only makes sense to realize they are circulating and recirculating, sometimes becoming lodged in joints and stuck in organs like kidneys which are covered with a vast network of tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny . . . Arteries. They are so tiny that only one red blood cell at a time can pass through them. Now you can imagine how easily they become congested with guck. You know the excess white sticky calcium in high-heat pasteurized, congealed dairy products? And all of those toxins you’ve been accumulating that stick to the guck inside your arteries?

If your kidneys are not functioning fully you must pay attention and cleanse them out. The fastest, easiest and cheapest way I know to cleanse arterial plaque is with two raw foods, celery and watermelon. I got rid of a kidney stone by eating lots of raw, fresh watermelon and celery for about three weeks. My friends sister’s dog, got off ‘doggy life support’ (her words not mine) from almost non-existent kidney function because his mom puts tiny chunks of watermelon in his food every day. I learned the watermelon cleanse from a Hawaiian Kahuna, a traditional healer. Also one of my clients was diagnosed with a kidney stone. She had shock wave therapy on the stone but it was still there after an ultrasound. She started to eat copious amounts of fresh, raw watermelon and celery and at her next ultrasound the stone was gone.

Pain in Muscles, Joints and Throughout

We’ve covered what congestion and toxins do to kidneys, bowel and liver/gall bladder, your three most important organs of absorption and detoxification. What we are left with is stiffness and pain in your muscles, joints and throughout your body.

It is now obvious where the pain and stiffness is coming from. Remember how the toxins and pathogens in your gut hurt it, cause inflammation and soreness? The same pathogens and toxins are circulating throughout your body causing the same pain everywhere, and the only way to get them out is to cleanse them out.

Another real cause of muscle pain is a lack of magnesium. If you are not absorbing nutrients because your gut is compromised, magnesium will not be absorbed properly, and you will be deficient. Magnesium deficiency is a broad spread problem in our world, and one of the main contributors to the development of cancer. Your muscles use calcium to contract or to tense up, and magnesium for the opposite function, to relax. Common symptoms of magnesium deficiency are sore muscles and joints, irritability and insomnia. Your body cannot relax properly without adequate magnesium, but taking magnesium and other vitamin and mineral pills will never solve your problem if you can’t absorb what’s inside them. Also many supplements cause further imbalance.

Fibro Fog and Mercury Poisoning

This one is easy to explain when you consider the fact that circulating toxins love to lodge inside our fat cells, our brain and our nervous system. However, another very serious consideration is mercury toxicity from mercury amalgam dental fillings. Recent research has shown that mercury toxicity causes symptoms identical to fibromyalgia and because it is a potent neurotoxin, some say the second most toxic element to humans, it is quite likely the symptom ‘fibro fog’ could be caused by the off-gassing of mercury amalgam dental fillings.

Acid Buildup

The last thing to cover is acid buildup because it is a very real cause of pain and stiffness in muscles, joints, ligaments and bones. I’ve already tackled this issue in, ‘How to easily balance pH levels in your body and remove acid buildup’ at This article will complete the picture for you and you can download a free pH chart to print out and stick to your refrigerator, through a link in the article.

Action Steps

  • Ongoing gentle cleanses, non irritating foods until the gut has healed
  • Cabbage kills pathogens and heals your gut: Raw cabbage, boiled cabbage, cabbage water, cabbage juiced and watered down
  • Fresh raw garlic and onions kill pathogens
  • Simmered vegetables in water provide potassium and many healing nutrients
  • Raw watermelon and celery help to remove congestion in your arteries, organs and throughout your body
  • Lots of raw vegetable juice and green smoothies help to heal your gut and body

The Brown Rice Cleanse (Cleanse Your Body download at would be my favourite choice for a sore, inflamed gut, and it’s incredibly detoxifying. It’s also lists a huge variety of foods to eat, so it’s not like dieting at all. In fact, my brother who is not a ‘cleanser’ stayed on this diet for two months, it made him feel so great, and I used it to get rid of an annoying Roseacea problem. The report ‘Cleanse Your Body’ is twenty-four pages, with full colour pictures, detailing nine simple but very effective cleanses. Enter your details in the sidebar and you will be given access to the download page immediately.

Drinking Burdock root tea every day can gently detoxify and cleanse your blood, with a gentle drawing effect. It’s an alterative which promotes lymphatic and blood cleansing.

Make your juices, don’t buy them. Throw a handful of frozen or fresh fruit in a blender with water. Cranberry juice is so delicious and simple this way. You can add a bit of unpasteurized honey, to help with gut bacteria.

Drink lots, and I mean lots of water.

Check out this website for lots of healing recipes. Access our archive here:

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