Visit Dr. Duke’s Phytochemical and Ethnobotanical Database

You may query Dr. Duke’s database for phytochemical activities in any plant. For instance I used this database to query herbs with cancer fighting ability, detailed in The Cancer Journal.

It’s interesting to search the phytochemicals and their effects in the plants in your garden or plant foods in your refrigerator! Try searching something simple like Red Clover – this is a principle ingredient in many cancer fighting formulas. I was astounded to find the number of cancer fighting phytochemicals in this simple plant.

You can search the database in the following ways:

Plant Searches

Chemicals and activities in a particular plant.
High concentration chemicals.
Chemicals with one activity.
Ethnobotanical uses.
List chemicals and activities for a plant.

Chemical Searches

Plants with a chosen chemical.
Activities of a chosen chemical.
List activities and plants for a chemical.
List common activities (synergies) for a list of chemicals.

Activity Searches

Plants with a specific activity.
Search for plants with several activities.
Chemicals with a specific activity.
Lethal dose (LD) information for a chemical.
Search for plants/chemicals with one or more activities.
Search for plants/chemicals with a superactivity.

Ethnobotany Searches

Ethnobotanical uses for a particular plant.
Plants with a particular ethnobotanical use.

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