Yvonne and Malignant Melanoma photoDiagnosed with deadly black malignant melanoma cancer, given only 6 weeks to live, and facing amputation of her leg, Yvonne said an emphatic ‘no’ to doctors. She took control, refused to believe any dire predictions and is here to tell her story more than 30 years later. By the way…Yvonne still has both her legs and has been cancer free for over 30 years.

Yvonne shares her story in an interview with Incredible Healing Journals. Listen in …

Listen to Yvonne’s story here.


“People have been intrigued to hear that it is possible to control your thoughts and to overcome your paradigms of previous programming. Since understanding this concept I have become a life coach helping others to understand that our circumstances are either an excuse or a stepping stone to our destiny.

Why Me? photoPeople can order Why Me? from my website, www.whyme.net.au and can also subscribe to my fortnightly newsletters from www.totalhealth.net.au. On both websites there is information for people on the process of getting well, and on the thoughts and attitudes of staying well.” It’s your time to win! Yvonne

Listen as Yvonne shares how she was cured of malignant melanoma over 30 years ago

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