Start With Cleanses First

The second principle of the 10 Key Principles of Healing in The Cancer Journal ~ Heal Yourself!, is to ‘Cleanse and Detoxify’.

This is because people who regain their health always include an intense cleansing program. This is one of the secrets to jump starting your healing process. Your body cannot heal if it is full of junk.

I’ve prepared a special report Cleanse Your Body to give you a deeper understanding about cleansing and detoxifying and to share some practical ideas about how to start cleansing right away … today even.

Start slow and simple until you become familiar and comfortable with your first cleanses, then move up to more complex cleanses as you enjoy the way they make you feel amazing, younger and full of energy. These cleanses may prove to be a key component in your healing process, like they have been for me and thousands of others.

These cleanses can serve you for the rest of your life. Anytime you need to cleanse or are not feeling your best, they are a perfect way to remove toxicity and improve your health quickly and safely. People report feeling better, lighter and having more energy after cleansing.

Here is a quick list of the cleanses included in Your free Report, Cleanse Your Body:

  • Daily Fast ~ Preventative and Restorative
  • Simple Water Cleanse ~ Weight Loss and Quick Detox
  • Lemon Juice Cleanse ~ Alkalizing and Improves Bile Flow Helping Digestion
  • Watermelon Cleanse ~ Weight Loss, Immune Boosting, Cleansing Buildup and Congestion
  • Burdock Root Tea Cleanse ~ Cellular Cleansing Herb
  • Fresh Juice Cleanse ~ Restorative and Energy Producing
  • Raw Vegan Cleanse ~ Enlightening and Rejuvenating
  • Brown Rice Cleanse ~ Many delicious foods on this cleanse ~ Comforting and Supportive
  • Liver Gallbladder Cleanse ~ Relieves Liver and Gall Bladder Congestion

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Cleanse Your Body

Please let us know how the report, Cleanse Your Body has made a difference in your life by sending us an email anytime. Thanks and Good Luck!

p.s. Why the 2nd principle and not the 1st? It’s easy and fun to experiment with cleansing and detoxifying your body and this practice will give you key insights into the first principle in The Cancer Journal ~ Heal Yourself, ‘Use Your Power’. To read more about the ’10 Key Principles of Healing’ read The Cancer Journal ~ Heal Yourself! You can find out more about it here:

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