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I was looking at your cleanse PDF and it never occurred to me my rosacea could be helped by cleansing. What cleanse would you recommend (for someone who has never done it before)?


Rosacea can be considered a symptom caused by a buildup of toxins in your body. It is saying that your liver already has too much to deal with and cannot detoxify the MSG or caffeine you just ate or the perfume you just inhaled.

The Brown Rice Cleanse is what I used when I had out of control Rosacea, with headaches sometimes two and three times a day. It’s a great first cleanse because you can still eat lot’s of food and not feel hungry ~ you’ll find the Brown Rice Cleanse in the Cleansing PDF, that you downloaded when you signed up in the sidebar of this website, or here at Cleanse Your Body!

Rosacea is the name given to the heat and red cheeks that periodically flush over your face, but it can be accompanied by headaches, irritability, fatigue and feelings of anxiety. Let’s say Rosacea is included in a group of symptoms. These symptoms can occur mildly, or more severe in some people, and they are usually set off by an event like stress, food additives, alcohol, chemicals and caffeine, among other things.

Sound familiar? If you are reading this article and you suffer from Rosacea, I know you can relate to all of this, because Rosacea is a pain in the face! It’s embarrassing, uncomfortable and causes red cheeks and broken blood vessels on your face and neck.

People are walking around everywhere with Rosacea because it is unexplainable, just ‘something that happens to people’. They are spending hundreds, even thousands of dollars on special creams, lotions, moisturizers and laser treatments to sooth their red cheeks and reduce the appearance of broken blood vessels. But like many of our ‘treatments’ for dis-ease, they never get to the crux of the problem.

I had Rosacea for years, and when it got to the point where I could melt an icepack on my red cheeks in a matter of minutes, I finally went to my doctor. I was hoping for some experiential insight. She told me, ‘It’s Rosacea, there is not much you can do about it. It’s not really caused by anything, it just happens. You’ll have to learn to live with it.’

Living with Rosecea meant giving up a lot of things I enjoyed, having a glass of wine or beer, eating out with my friends, and stress — how was I going to completely stop that?

It seemed almost insurmountable, but I refused to live with this embarrassing, annoying and uncomfortable, unexplainable dis-ease. I knew there was a cause, because I didn’t have it for the first 38 years of my life, so something must have changed.

I gave up most of the things I reacted to, but it kept happening anyway, and gradually got much worse. If I got excited about something, or had a cup of black tea, or got stressed, it would still happen. Every single day I had headaches. At the peak, I was having three or four Roseacea ‘attacks’ daily. Tylenol was my new best friend.

But then something amazing happened. I did the Brown Rice Cleanse, for two weeks and the symptoms completely disappeared — No headaches, no red face. I had more energy and I felt much calmer — not so irritated.

What I learned was that Rosecea is a message from your body of a more serious underlying problem, which I’ll reveal in a second. But first, back to the story …

When I did the Brown Rice Cleanse for two weeks the Rosacea went away for almost three months. I could eat anything and not react. Before that, the Roseacea ‘attacks’ were constant, and could be set off by any number of things. This made the cause very hard to pinpoint. Was it the MSG, alcohol, stress, caffeine, sodium benzoate, perfume, or cleaners? Any one of them could cause a reaction.

Now if you had a symptom or series of symptoms, and you did a cleanse, and the symptoms went away, then really, you do know what caused the symptoms. Do you agree? Pretty straightforward.

Roseacea is a sign from your body, which may be interpreted as, “AND if you stuff one more thing in here without giving me a break, I’m going to give you the biggest and badest Rosacea attack you’ve ever had.”

Ahhhh — the moment of insight — Rosacea is a sign of toxic overload. It is not caused by one thing or event, rather it is caused by a continuous overload of acids, toxins and congestion. When we take in too many toxins in the form of chemicals, damaged fats, excess protein and acids, then our eliminatory organs become overloaded with work. Our liver, kidneys and bowels cannot keep up and our skin is used to excrete excess wastes. Soon our skin becomes overloaded too and begins to show the effects in heat, inflammation, red cheeks, pustules, boils, eczema, psoriasis, rashes, acne, bacterial and fungal infections.

Holistic nutrition teaches that our liver, which is directly responsible for cleaning our blood, is intimately connected to our skin. This means an overburdened liver shows it’s suffering through our skin. How do we take the load off our liver and give our skin some relief too? Cleanse Your Body!


Quick Liver Detox

1.  Make a juice of beets, carrots, black radishes (substitute: any radish) and dandelions greens. Mix with water to dilute.

2.  Drink fresh lemon juice, pinch of chlorophyll powder and water ~ 3 or 4 glasses throughout the day.



 Perrault, Danielle., R.H.N. Nutritional Symptomatology. (1998) Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.


Please share your successes and let us know how you are healing Rosacea or any other ‘dis-ease’ by commenting below this post.

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