Orange Banana Creme Liver Cleanse   

Are you suffering from the following symptoms?

  • Pain under your right rib cage
  • Pulsing feeling in your gall bladder, underneath your liver, under your right rib cage
  • Indigestion, acid reflux, bloating, acid burning throughout digestive system, over-reactive stomach acid
  • Irritability, insomnia, fatigue, anger and frustration can be indications that your liver is impaired, when occurring along with the other symptoms above.
  • Mineral deficiencies
  • Fatty liver, gall stones (See Your Doctor!!)
  • Nausea, vomiting (See Your Doctor!!)

If you are experiencing the symptoms above you can have your physician order an ultrasound to check for congestion, fatty liver and/or gall stones.

It never, ever hurts to add foods, beverages and herbs that help your body’s natural cleansing functions to work more optimally. Cleansing works really well when it is a natural part of your life.

This is a super easy and believe it or not, delicious cleanse with the bitter pith and peel of oranges, blended along with banana and raw cashew milk.

Your liver and gall bladder love the bitter properties of the white pith and skin of citrus, which are rich in both bioflavonoids and Vitamin C as well as having the ability to improve the functioning of your liver and gall bladder.


Here’s how to make this quick delicious cleanse:

Add to your blender:

One or two organic oranges with the peel

One organic banana (no peel)

One good handful of raw organic cashews

Lots of water to fill the blender.

Blend on high for two or three minutes to really break up the skin and cashews and create a creamier drink. Pour into a jug and refrigerator. Pour yourself a tall glass  and drink throughout the day. Replenish your glass as needed. Enjoy fresh raw salads and your own salad dressing throughout the day if you wish.

Do you like this cleanse? Le us know by commenting below.



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