Cancer Cure and Survivor Stories

Insightful, Informative, Inspiring! Incredible Healing Journals Presents Cancer Cure and Survivor Stories | Beautiful stories of healing from cancer | Learn what others do to heal themselves | Breast Cancer, Spinal Tumor, Lymphoma, Cervical Cancer, Melanoma, Colon Cancer, Brain Tumor, Liposarcoma and more …


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“Lisa Robbins’ new book Cancer Cure and Survivor Stories is very inspiring and gives a range of options to people who are sick with cancer and looking for something that feels right for them other than the currently offered toxic treatments. Lisa touches all the important points for healing using her knowledge and showing the colors of her heart. Here is a quote from her book that I love and that summarizes it all extremely well: ‘Fear, toxins, negative thoughts and emotions, unfavorable situations, chemicals, synthetic hormones, a lack of nutrients and an excess of non-nutrients promote ‘dis-easing’. Love, sunshine, movement, fresh air, nutritious and appropriate foods, cleansing, rest and relaxation and a positive state of mind enhance healing.’ Thank you Lisa for caring!”

Elaine Cantin, CoAuthor – Elaine’s story is featured in Cancer Cure and Survivor Stories. Elaine is the Author of Cantin Ketogenic Diet for Cancer, Type 1 Diabetes and Other Ailments.


“I really enjoyed reading Cancer Cure and Survivor Stories. It was nice to find a variety of testimonials in one place. It shows there are many different ways to overcome cancer. I found most had a few things in common, maintain a positive attitude and do what you feel is right for your body instead of what the conventional doctors push for. I wish you luck with this and look forward to learning more from you.”

Kathy Powers


“This book contains many uplifting stories about people who survived their cancer without resorting to drastic measures such as surgery, chemotherapy and/or radiation. It gives one hope there are alternative cures for cancer that work!!”

John Tod


“It took only moments to identify with some of the situations and circumstances described in the remarkably candid accounts presented here. I found myself whispering “me too,” as I read through the different accounts, written by inspiring people. That’s all very well for somebody with five years experience of using food and lifestyle to manage their illness: I also want to emphasize that the accounts presented here would bring great value to anybody who had recently been given the distressing news they had developed dis-ease that conventional medicine has diagnosed as ‘fatal’ and given a ‘time-running-out’ prognosis.

I particularly like the ‘Points To Remember’ lists at the end of each account – very useful on days when energy and time are scarce but you nevertheless need a quick reminder just how to stay positive and buoyant when the babbling brook of life becomes a torrent! I feel they give just enough to remind us that it can be done. They are encouraging, even if you don’t have time to read through the whole account again.

Some useful recommendations are given in terms of where to start and where to go for further information. I get the feeling I will be referring to these again in future and I am thankful for that!”

Mike Dancer


“I loved reading people’s stories who have treated their own cancer. (click to see this review on Amazon)

The established medical system doesn’t have a corner on healing cancer; in fact, their treatments cause much pain and agony, and bankruptcy, and then many people end up dying of recurring cancer later. That’s my observation from watching people battle cancer – and then lose that battle.

There are many, many ways to regain your health and thereby fight a disease state such as cancer. We need to educate ourselves on how to stay healthy (and then do it); not just run to the doctor and demand that they fix us after we’ve done everything we can to get sick.”

Sue. K on Amazon


Helped me relate to my prostate cancer. (click to see this review on Amazon)

This and other stories help reinforce my decision to deal with my prostate cancer diagnosis five years ago. It is good to read how other deal and support each other.”

Skip Stein on Facebook


“Best Wishes … a wonderful accomplishment…”

Dory Draizen Eckstein


“Awesome news Lisa – your books are leading-edge incredible!!!”

Pegi Eyers


“Huge congrats Lisa. Your work is inspiring.”

Mary Guiffre


“Looking good. It’s just what people need. Well done Lisa!”

Dr. Sue Gelder

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