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Healing Cancer Naturally

You Don't Have To Die, by Harry Hoxsey [1]What is it that makes us choose to let others run our health and life and therefore our destiny? What drives some people to heal themselves with natural therapies, while others choose not to do so, and where is the balance?

There is one word that nudges at me more than any other when thinking about why some people choose to heal themselves while others give up their power.


Fear is the underlying reason for not taking action to improve our health. Fear of the unknown. Fear of what we have been told by others. Fear of our own abilities to heal. Fear of illness. Fear of death.

But fear is also the reason why most people do take action, and make positive changes in their life. Fear can be the catalyst for change, for learning and growing.

But, is it really fear that causes us to turn away from the potential to cure ourselves?

Or is it denial?

Or… are we really putting our focus in the wrong place?

Now the world is changing and so is our view of cancer and illness in general.

A new word picture comes with a much more positive energy, it’s not about cancer anymore, and it makes us look to our future with hope for a more intelligent and truthful world:

Natural healing, empowering, female energy, promoting health and wellness with love, caring and understanding, belief in our healing ability, preparing food with care for those who eat it, nutritious, delicious, supportive food, cleansing diet, herbal wisdom shared by all, gratitude for one community, cooperating, united in peace …

Where is the balance in choosing to heal yourself and letting others take the rein?

The balance comes in the realization that no one cares for you more than you, and the true answer lies in becoming educated and making decisions that foster a better life for you, while at the same time, choosing mentors, physicians and friends whose beliefs are aligned with yours, and who wholeheartedly support your well-informed decisions.

It is not worthwhile to blame anyone for what has happened but it is our responsibility to make sure that what we create from this point forward, is what we really want for ourselves, our children and our beloved earth.

Every person is entitled to nutritious food, clean air and water and protection from chemicals, and to a large degree this is all available to us now. We can purchase organic food and we can demand clean water and chemical-free living areas. We do not have to purchase or use products that we believe are hazardous to our health. We can make our own decisions by purchasing only products we believe in. This is the best way to affect change. If we won’t buy or use a product, even if it is suggested by someone else, that product won’t be manufactured anymore.

We can learn to heal ourselves with the natural and organic foods and herbs available all around us. After all, this is what we were given in the first place, and this is what has always worked best to heal our bodies. Food, water, herbs, sunshine, love, exercise. These are the essential things ~ nothing else matters when you get rid of the unnecessary.

When my mother died she literally had hundreds of bottles of supplements and pharmaceuticals. What did it do for her? Nothing. She didn’t understand her illness, instead she gave her power away, and let others prescribe, cut, poison and burn her to death, little by little, bit by bit.

The photo here is of Harry Hoxsey’s original 1957 text, You Don’t Have To Die. It tells the story of Harry’s life, of healing thousands of people with herbal medicine, of having the largest cancer clinic in the world in the 1950s and of being prosecuted his entire life. Harry’s family developed one of the most effective herbal medicines for cancer, one that has carried through time, and is still used today, by the Bio Medical Centre in Tijuana, Mexico as well as many others, ‘in the know’. Harry opened the clinic in 1963, forced by medical officials to transplant from Dallas, Texas. This is the clinic Yvonne Chamberlain attended, to remove her deadly melanoma, over 30 years ago. Yvonne tells her story in an interview with Incredible Healing Journals: Yvonne Takes On Black Melanoma and Wins! [2]

Harry Hoxsey’s story is pivotal in forming our new view of cancer. He worked his entire life to bring forward the truth about cancer. His story prevails. Why?

Because Harry Hoxseys’ medicines worked and the herbs he used carry anti-cancer properties.

All around you, now closer than ever because of the internet, people ARE curing themselves, and not just from the common cold! From Leukemia, Lymphoma, Diabetes, Sarcoma, Acne, Cervical Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Carcinoma, Arthritis, Melanoma, Breast Cancer, Brain Tumors, Bowel Cancer, Kidney Cancer, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Headaches, ADHD, Colitis, Crohns, Heart Disease… you get the picture!

What are you waiting for? Everything you need is already here.

Action Steps

1.         Get educated!

If you want to learn to heal yourself from cancer or any other ‘dis-ease’, wouldn’t it make sense to learn from someone who had already done that very same thing? Watch the stories at www.incrediblehealingjournals.com. [3]

2.         Take action!

Start with cleanses first. Sign up at www.TheGoodWitch.ca [4] to receive Cleanse Your Body! [5]

Go to the health food store and buy your favorite whole, natural, organic foods. If it’s sweet and creamy raw cashews, then go for it! Try different recipes, like Sweet Potato Wedges and Chipotle Mayonnaise [6], or Raw Nut and Dried Fruit Nosh [7], or House Salad with Creamy Lime Dressing [8], (there are tons more recipes, tips and articles at www.TheGoodWitch.ca [9]). Eat raw food as much as possible. Start juicing and making smoothies daily. Don’t give up. Keep pushing yourself, trying new things, new foods, new activities, yoga, walking, laughing and taking time for yourself. Heal yourself with conscience.

3.         Pay attention to your body, it is always communicating with you!

Be aware of what you eat, drink and do. Ask yourself: Will this raise my energy or reduce my energy? Will I feeel better or will I feeel worse?

Remember how you feel when you are down with the flu, or how zapped of energy you are when you are under too much stress, or how little energy you have if you have eaten a large greasy meal? Now you understand what it feels like to deplete your life force or energy.

What about when you are standing near a beautiful waterfall, or laughing with your loved ones, or waking up after an amazing sleep. This is what it feels like to raise your energy. Every single thing you do will either raise your energy or deplete your energy. Try to make a conscious effort to raise your energy whenever possible, by always being good to yourself.


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