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Yoga Download

Yoga Download The best online resource for yoga, pilates, meditation, cardio and music [1]

Yoga encompasses the most healing movements of all. It detoxifies, tones, stretches, calms, de-stresses and heals your body better than anything I know!

Yoga Download.com empowers you to practice yoga wherever and whenever you can!

This site hosts videos and audios from some of the best yoga teachers anywhere, Shiva Rea, Lisa Richards, Shannon Paige Schneider, Salvatore Zambito, Jackie Casal, Natalie Maisel and more.

Best of all, YogaDownload.com has tons of free instruction. You can instantly download free classes so you can get a taste for the class and the instructor.

Move on to more advanced and longer classes as it fits you.

At Yoga Download you can purchase individual classes, a la carte, or buy a subscription membership package, where you can choose unlimited streaming, unlimited downloads or more tailored classes, depending on the level of membership.

Sorry Jenn, I know you are the best yoga teacher in Canada (maybe the world), but when I can’t get to the studio, Yoga Download is my saviour!

(Jenn’s studio is in Cobourg, Ontario, Body Balanced Wellness Yoga, Fitness and Training Studio [2], Creating Balance with Mind Body Spirit.)