Our Common Roots Unveiling Our Global Traditions of Healing With Plants and Wild Foods photo“Restore, promote and protect natural healing for future generations.” Our Common Roots
“Well, that is honestly the best movie I have watched in a long time. I truly loved it and want to watch it many more times … with a pen and notepad! Very informative and my favourite part is how Chad uses his intense familiarity with medicinal plants to infuse knowledge of healing remedies into us, and to give us the confidence to use plants for natural remedies, to make our own plant medicine, to regain our vitality, and to heal anything life throws at us. Great work!” 


Our Common Roots: Unveiling Our Global Traditions of Healing With Plants, a quick and concise immersion in herbalism in an interesting and educational film. See the trailer below …





Our Common Roots: Unveiling Our Global Traditions of Healing With Plants. This is a beautiful film filled with understanding and wisdom. Herbalist Chad Cornell shares common and powerful medicinal plants found in forests and meadows, both local and non-local to Canada. He teaches simple ways to use the therapeutic qualities of natural remedies to help our bodies overcome discomfort, suffering and disease. An in-depth introduction and at-home study of the traditional uses of simple plants. Our Common Roots movie, watch online or order the DVD and Field Guide. 

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Our Common Roots: Accompanying Field Guide



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