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Lemon Is The Master Cleanser

Fresh Lemon for Master Cleanser Photo [1]

In 1976, Stanley Burroughs wrote a tiny book called The Master Cleanser, featuring our tart little friend, the lemon.

He writes, “The lemonade diet has successfully and consistently demonstrated its eliminative and building ability. It may be used with complete safety for every known type of disease.”

The lemon cleanse has been used successfully by thousands of people since the 1940s. According to Stanley, it is recommended for all acute and chronic conditions, to lose weight, to rest and cleanse your digestive tract and to cleanse and rebuild your body. It has many benefits including:


The simple lemon ~ tart, fresh and cleansing, has been used for centuries to cleanse fat, congestion and toxins, and to nourish and rebuild tired, worn out bodies.

The lemon cleanse truly is the master cleanser, as it has a direct cleansing effect on your liver and gall bladder. This is important, because if your liver and gall bladder are congested with fats, bile salts, cholesterol, toxins and wastes, a dangerous condition of ‘fatty liver’ can result. Fatty liver comes with many debilitating side effects and can have severe consequences, including death.

Symptoms of liver and gall bladder congestion include insomnia, irritability, anger, frustration, discomfort under right rib cage, a ‘full’ feeling, indigestion, acid reflux, stomach and intestinal ulcers, gall bladder attacks, strange sticky floating stools, an aversion to citrus, tomatoes, spicy foods, cooked meats and large meals, and a feeling that all you want to eat is fruits and vegetables.

When your liver becomes congested it spills over into your gall bladder. Your gall bladder is a small pumping organ, which stores and delivers bile to your small intestine. Bile is very alkaline and works to adjust the pH of digestive chyme (food and stomach acids) coming out of your stomach. If your gall bladder is too full of little fat storage balls (the precursor of gallstones!), it has a hard time pumping out liquid bile. Imagine a water balloon full of chocolate raisins ~ would you be able to squeeze any water out? Not much … and this is exactly what happens when your liver and gall bladder are congested and need a cleaning out.

Unfortunately when most people get to this stage, instead of doing a cleanse for a few days, it’s an emergency situation and they go to a surgeon and have their gall bladder removed. Believe me when I tell you, this is not the only solution to this problem. Most people have chronic digestive problems even after they have their gall bladder removed. It did not solve the problem of congestion within their liver, which is still full of junk. All it did was remove a vital organ they need to properly digest their food. Without a gall bladder they lack the place for bile to store up.  Now when they eat a meal, they will have trouble digesting it, because they have no bile buildup, or storage of bile. Instead, alkaline bile leaks continuously into their small intestine, making them more susceptible to intestinal cancer and hampering their ability to digest and absorb nutrients.

Lemon Cleanse

Mix together:


Blend one organic lemon, skin and all with four cups of fresh water. Add maple syrup and cayenne powder if desired. Drink throughout the day.

Drink only the lemonade on this diet. You may drink pure water anytime or peppermint tea once or twice per day. If you get hungry, simply drink more lemonade, from six to twelve glasses per day. Stay on the cleanse as long as possible. A longer cleanse may be overseen by a qualified practitioner if you feel the need.

What If I Am Diabetic?

Instead of Maple Syrup diabetics are instructed to use molasses. Molasses is rich in nutrients that most diabetics are deficient in and will help to keep sugar levels more balanced than Maple Syrup. It is imperative to make regular checks of your blood sugar levels throughout the entire cleanse.

An alternative to the lemon cleanse and a very safe cleanse for Diabetics is the Brown Rice Cleanse [2].

There are many cleanses that work to remove toxins, clear congestion and rebuild your body. Find one that suits you by downloading your complimentary copy of Cleanse Your Body!: www.thegoodwitch.ca/start-with-cleanses-first/ [2]. This 24 page booklet has detailed information and instructions for nine different cleanses, including a 24 hour Liver and Gall Bladder Cleanse.

Purchase Stanley Burrough’s small book, The Master Cleanser [3] here.

Until next time, Heal Yourself!


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