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International Agency for Research on Cancer

International Agency for Research on Cancer Monographs on the Evaluation of Carcinogenic Risk to Humans. [1] You may search any substance for it’s carcinogenicity or ability to cause cancer in the Monographs.

Click on the links to go directly to chosen category.

Substances are categorized as follows:

Category 1     Carcinogenic to humans

Category 2A    Probably carcinogenic to humans

Category 2B    Possibly carcinogenic to humans

Category 3       Not classifiable as to carcinogenicity to humans

Category 4       Probably not carcinogenic to humans

Each Monograph consists of a brief description, where appropriate, of the potential exposure to the agent or mixture, by providing data on chemical and physical properties, methods of analysis, methods and volumes of production, use and occurrence. For exposure circumstances, a history and description of the exposure are given. Then, the relevant epidemiological studies are summarized. Subsequent sections cover evidence for carcinogenicity obtained in experimental animals, and a brief description of other relevant data, such as toxicity and genetic effects. The Agency makes every effort to ensure that the factual material presented is reported without bias, and it is meticulously checked for accuracy.