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Conversation with Linda Devine on breast cancer and the macrobiotic diet




Linda Devine on a real cure for breast cancer [1]In 2008 Linda Devine was given the devastating diagnosis of breast cancer. Instead of giving up her power to someone else, Linda made the very wise decision to heal herself with holistic nutrition and natural therapies only. In only 10 months Linda’s breast tumor was gone and doctors could find no trace of it. What follows is a transcript of an interview with Linda where she shares exactly what steps she took to heal breast cancer.

This interview has been moved to Incredible Healing Journals. You can access it here: http://incrediblehealingjournals.com/incredible-healing-journals-interviews-linda-devine-on-curing-breast-cancer-herself/ [2]

Conversation with Linda is an interview from www.IncredibleHealingJournals.com [2], where you can read more true stories of how people have healed themselves.