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Throw out your old beliefs about cancer. Go on — Grab them with your hand and throw them out of your head. All those cranky old, gnawing beliefs that cancer is a death sentence …

Go on — get rid of them … I’ll wait right here … 

Okay, now you must be ready for some new and much, much better beliefs about cancer with all that empty space! 🙂

All kidding aside, for years, my parents suffered through grueling treatments for cancer but died agonizing deaths. When I began to question the treatments for cancer used on my parents, and started searching for answers, what I found was very disturbing; that my parents had suffered unnecessarily and really, had given their lives. I felt terribly, terribly betrayed.

What I realized was that after almost one hundred years of extensive research and billions of dollars poured into finding the cure for cancer, the answer has been staring us in the face all along. The true cure for cancer lies within each and every one of us — in education and knowledge about how our bodies function, diet and cancer, anti cancer herbs and certain key alternative cancer therapies.

My research and study soon led me to feel a profound and incredible sense of relief in the realization that others had healed cancer with safe and effective alternative cancer therapies,  combined with surgery when necessary. Not just getting over cancer, but really changing their lives by learning how to heal from cancer in a permanent way and dissolving any fears associated with it at the same time.

This led me to a question. How did we get so deep into the black depths of confusion about cancer? And subsequently some answers. Through the ages we have been blessed with the ability to heal ourselves. This ability is inherent in each and every one of us. Our own beliefs about healing grew out of traditions that have been nurtured in our homes and shared with loved ones generation after generation. This way of living and healing worked fine for centuries.

Then something went terribly wrong. We started to look outside of ourselves for the ability to heal and began to rely on others to tell us what to do. Now chronic diseases like obesity, cancer, heart disease, arthritis and diabetes are completely out of control. Our parents are in a mess. We are in a mess. Our children are in a mess. How did we get here? Are we really this sick and unable to heal ourselves?

You already have it in you to heal yourself. Healing requires you to take back what is rightfully yours — your ability to heal yourself.

Healing your body first requires evolution of your mind. It requires you first change your belief system, evolving past giving your power to someone else, to becoming informed and making decisions that resonate with you, decisions about embracing whole natural foods and simple therapies that heal your body rather than hurt it.

Healing is never complicated. It manifests in the fresh, tart juice of homegrown tomatoes. It shows itself in a comforting embrace and gentle kiss on a tiny hurt. Healing lives in love and care, like starched pillowcases and warm blankets. Healing can be found in powerful medicines prepared from simple herbs, freshly picked from our gardens and prepared with conscience in our own kitchens, like the tiny red clover flower, a secret shroud for healing properties, or the nutritional and healing powerhouse found in seaweeds. Healing is always present in whole foods, herbs and gentle natural therapies like touch, water, sunshine, movement and fresh air.

Healing is an inward process — you must go within to heal yourself, choose a belief system that supports healing, then continue to take active steps toward your goal of a beautiful and healthy life.

This is the true and only way to cure cancer.

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